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“Adam Dreece grips his readers with intricate detail and imagery, enthralling his audience into suspense and wonder chapter after chapter. Get ready to go on an exhilarating ride. The Yellow Hoods – Along Came a Wolf will take you through a thrilling excursion of fantasy that is also filled with humorous, humble, witty and tender sentiments.”

Raeann Cheung, Adult reader

“The 11 year old reading with me was totally consumed for 2.5 hours through the completion of the book. After she was done she jumped up and down giddy with anticipation of reading more adventures of Tee. This book represents strong moral values, encourages innovative thinking, and emphasizes the importance of relationships. It’s great to read a tween targeted book that can be captivating while focusing on a young girl’s intellect rather than who she hangs out with, how she looks, or who her lover interest is.”

Jena Sarauer, Adult reader

“I am delightedly surprised at this book! I was prepared for something entirely different than what I got; It’s an exciting adventure that doesn’t forget to bring you to tears at just the right moment. I’m looking forward to Dreece’s next book!”

Stacey Ibach, Adult reader


Our Books

The Yellow Hoods – An Emergent Steampunk Series

The world is 1800s-eque, with a thrilling history that is discovered throughout the series. Elements of fairy-tales are woven in, as if these were the real world events that inspired the tales and rhymes we know. This is expected to be a 5-part series.

Along Came a Wolf – Book 1 of The Yellow Hoods



Someone is on the hunt for the steam engine plans, and believes that master inventor, Nikolas Klaus, has them. Thought dead by most, and forgotten by many, the quiet grandfather has been living for years in the sleepy mountain town of Minette, keeping his inventions mostly to himself and watching his granddaughter grow up.

Twelve-year-old Tee, and her two best friends, Elly and Richy, come together as the heroic Yellow Hoods in the face of life threatening danger. Whose side are the Cochon brothers on, and will they tip the balance? Will Nikolas’ ties to one of the secret societies cost him Tee’s life?

The book shifts to a darker tone part way through, as the initial view of the main characters transitions from naive and simple, to realizing life is anything but. It has been compared to Harry Potter in this regard, among others.

More: The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf (Book 1)

Breadcrumb Trail – Book 2 of The Yellow Hoods



In an act of desperation, inventor Maxwell Watt entrusts his son to secretly deliver plans for his completed steam engine to Nikolas Klaus, a master inventor in another kingdom. When the Fare, the nefarious secret society, learns the game-changing invention’s plans are en route, they accelerate their own scheme to neutralize Klaus on their path to reclaiming long-lost control over kingdoms.

Meanwhile, after a decade of relative tranquility in Mineau, local children have started to go missing—again. Captain Archambault suspects the return of the disturbing and depraved Ginger Lady. With the help of Tee, Elly, and Richy—the Yellow Hoods—the search is on to find the missing children before it is too late.

More: The Yellow Hoods: BreadCrumb Trail (Book 2)

All the King’s-Men – Book 3 of The Yellow Hoods


Release: April 2015

More than a hundred years ago, a king declared that all geniuses, scientists and inventors were abominations, save for those willing to become his Conventioneers. His edict spread like wildfire to the other kingdoms, and drove the hunted into the arms of the secret societies, the Tub and the Fare.

Decades later, having taken control of the remains of the crushed Fare, a young Marcus Pieman follows up on rumors of a homeless, teenage Abominator in his city. When the scared Nikolas Klaus looked up at Marcus for the first time, a tremendous bond was forged. Has Nikolas been part of Marcus’ plans from the beginning? Has Marcus been a pawn of the original Fare the entire time?

A betrayal leads Tee to a showdown with her greatest foe. Who breaks and who lays bleeding in the middle of nowhere?

And Mounira learns the truth about the once great inventor, Christophe Creangle.

More: The Yellow Hoods: All The King’s-Men (Book 3)

The Companion Tales

Snappy and Dashing – The Companion Tales, issue #1

Richelle was raised by her grandfather, leader of the new Fare and genius, Marcus Pieman. She has become a formidable force, and her ambitious plays in the grand game have not gone unnoticed by her grandfather. As she returns from having dealt the Tub a potentially mortal blow at the end of Breadcrumb Trail ( The Yellow Hoods #2), she expects to get back to paperwork and politics, only to find that someone is interested in taking her out. Has Marcus had enough of her antics as he tries to hurry his final plans, or is someone else making a move to deal the Piemans a serious blow? Who is the man from Richelle’s past and which master does he serve? Learn more about the Piemans’ plans and what Marcus sees as the key to the future!

Follow Richelle Pieman in this exciting novelette! This short book contains no spoilers for All the King’s-Men (The Yellow Hoods #3).

More: Snappy & Dashing



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The Yellow Hoods

The Yellow Hoods series is a young-adult fiction series that is written with the mature reader in mind.

Their world is similar in some ways to ours around 1750-1800. It is in an emergent SteamPunk setting (see Adam Dreece’s blog post) which means that it is starting to undergo a technological revolution that is focuses on such inventions as the steam engine, among others. There is no magic — only technology and innovation.

It draws some elements from classical tales (such as Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel, Santa Claus) and uses them to provide additional meaning and layering for the mature reader. It uses these tales in a sense of “What if way we think of those tales was based on something that really happened, like Ring-Around-the-Rosie reminds us of the black plague”. Characters such as Nikolas Klaus, one of the master inventors in the series, takes elements of the real world 20th century inventor Nikola Tesla and fuses him with elements of Santa Claus, and a touch of Leonardo DaVinci.

When complete, the series will encompass 5 books.


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