My Keynote at CreativeInk Festival 2018

Last night, I delivered a half-hour keynote speech at the 3rd annual CreativeInk Festival. It was an honour to be asked, and was the second keynote I’ve ever done. The PDF of the slides are below.

Every speech I give focuses on three things: Informing, Entertaining, and Inspiring. Keynotes for me have these elements in reverse order (inspire, entertain, inform), and so they are harder to craft. I had hoped the speech would go well, and apparently it was a “knocked it out of the park” level. The best comments came from a few people who said “I really needed to hear that today. You’ve inspired me to get up and keep going.” Other great comments came from those who have known me for a few years, but only now realize some of the iceberg that’s been below the sea the whole time.

Here’s the PDF of the file if you’d like to have a look. Please note that I have licensed all of the images for viewing, so please do not reuse them without licensing them yourself.

Adam Dreece 2018 – Keynote

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