The King's Horse by Adam Dreece

Launch Day! Horses Unleashed!

It says something about how hectic your life is, when you realized that you haven’t shouted about the release of your latest book to the world ON THE DAY IT RELEASES. *clears throat* It’s launched!

The King’s Horse – Book 1 is my new steampunk-meets-fairy tale series of heart, duty, and legacy.

Christina Creangle stared at the smoldering ruins of her life’s work. When the Moufan, an ancient secret society, offered to take care of her senile father as repayment of an old debt, she agreed. The idea of isolation with both her protege and her legendary inventor father, was too compelling to question.

But the winds of history are blowing fierce after the first airship battle, spreading radical ideas to the ambitious and the fearful. Can the Moufan resist the temptation to use everything in their possession to seize power?

Elsewhere, in the ruins of a presidential palace, an old, mechanical horse is discovered that could tip the continent’s delicate balance of power.

Discover this new epic tale that Readers’ Favorite called “Dazzling” – 5 Stars.

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