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All the King’s-Men (The Yellow Hoods #3)

Truly masterful storytelling” –


More than a hundred years ago, a king declared that all geniuses, scientists and inventors were abominations, save for those willing to become his Conventioneers. His edict spread like wildfire through the kingdoms, and drove the hunted into the arms of the secret societies, the Tub and the Fare.

Decades later, having taken control of the remains of the crushed Fare, a young Marcus Pieman follows up on rumors of a homeless, teenage Abominator in his city. When the scared Nikolas Klaus looked up at Marcus for the first time, a tremendous bond was forged. But has Nikolas been part of Marcus’ plans from the beginning? And has Marcus been a pawn of the original Fare the entire time?

A betrayal leads Tee to a showdown with her greatest foe. Who breaks and who lays bleeding in the middle of nowhere?

And Mounira learns the truth about the once great inventor, Christophe Creangle.

ISBN: 978988101364 | Released April 2015 | 350 pages | 5.25 x 8inches paperback

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“I have read many “fairytale retellings,” but this series is probably the best I’ve read when it comes to how fairytales are used.” – 5 stars

“I can’t go on enough about how intricate and flawless the intertwining storylines are in this series!”

MeetMyBookBoyfriend – 5 stars

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