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Snappy and Dashing (A Yellow Hoods Companion Tale #1)

“Omg I could not put this book down ! ” –

Description:As the clockwork carriage shuttled along, Richelle Pieman’s mind was on the next step of their ambitious enterprise. Their nemesis, the secret society known as the Tub, had just been dealt a devastating blow, but was it going to be enough?
All her life, Richelle followed in the footsteps of her grandfather, a true renaissance man and genius, but she was growing impatient. Eager for something new and different, life was about to give her exactly what she wished for.
Careful what you wish for in this world of steampunk meets fairy tale, for Mondus Fumus is always listening.

This short, stand-alone story also includes a sample chapter from Breadcrumb Trail – Book 2 of The Yellow Hoods and from Adam Dreece’s upcoming new Mondus Fumus series, The King’s Horse.

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ISBN: 9780988101388 | Released March 2014 | 36 Pages | 5.25×8 inches paperback

New edition (new cover plus previews of other books) 70 pages.

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Published by: ADZO Publishing

This has also been published by Sudden Insight Publishing in their Paws for a Tale, as well as by Brain to Books for B2BCycon Anthology 2017 (release: April 2017).

Original Cover

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