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The Wizard Killer Season 3 by Adam Dreece

The Wizard Killer – Season Three

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The past has a way of catching up with you. The random moments that flash by, the places you don’t remember being, the things you shouldn’t know but do, they’re all pieces of a puzzle you keep ignoring until it’s too late.
That’s when your heart stops and you realize all the warning signs were there. But now, you’re trying to stare down a mad wizard, fire everywhere, hoping Lady Luck’s going to help you out one last time. You promise you’ll be wiser, that you’ll make amends for the things you’ve done, but in your gut, you know the time’s come. Life’s about to call your bluff, and the only card you’ve got to play is pure, raw rage. – Wes

Season Three returns us to the world of Mondus Inferno, and the plight of the man with no name, for the most soul-shattering season yet! As enemies betray their conscience, and allies their convictions, the man without a name finds his past and present on a collision course. Strap in for the next exciting season of the Post-apocalyptic dark fantasy series, The Wizard Killer.

ISBN: 9781988746012 (paperback 5.25″x 8″) 978-1-988746-04-3 (MOBI), 978-1-988746-11-1 (ePub)

Release Date: March 30, 2018

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