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This page has two parts. Those seeking to be part of my new works going forward, and those seeking to review books I’ve released.

Advance Reviewers and Beta-Readers

Want to be part of the Advanced Reviewer Team going forward? Then sign up here. Want to review a book that’s already out? It’s right below.

Review Request

Spreading the word about good books is not something that an author can do by themselves. It’s awesome to have Book Bloggers, Book Reviewers, and Video Book Reviewers willing to invest their time in checking out my books. Please fill in the form below identifying what book(s) you want to review, and I will get back to you shortly.

The King's Horse by Adam DreeceThe King’s Horse – Book 1

Brand new Steampunk meets Fairytale series. Clean YA. For ages 12+.

Book details page.

The Yellow Hoods

Steampunk meets Fairytale. Clean YA. For ages 9+

“Truly masterful storytelling” –

Check out the Series Page.


The Wizard Killer

High intensity action

“This is a world with magic and a political situation similar to the world of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.” – Readers’ Favorite

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The Man of Cloud 9

“Truly unique voice” – Readers’ Favorite

Character-centric science fiction

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